Wester Ross Salmon: 100% original Scottish

With a memorable taste on a sweeter side, Wester Ross salmon has been recognized as one of the best farmed salmon available by the Michelin chefs and acclaimed food critics.

This excellence came from the passion and the typical Scottish tenacity of Wester Ross farmers. Now more than 3 generations of salmon farmers work side by side, sharing their knowledge and ideas, improving conditions and methods of day-to-day work on the farms.

The secret of Wester Ross quality is the close collaboration between man and nature. The Wester Ross farmers take care of both the well-being of the fish, avoiding stress and excessive manipulations, and the healthiness of the environment in which the salmon live, not using anti-fouled nets regularly cleaned and dried, onshore or on the sea. Their job is to let nature take its course. The Wrasse, a cleaner fish, and the daily natural Atlantic tides do the rest!

The Wester Ross farmers hand-feed the salmon, using all-natural feed made by trimmings of fish destined for human consumption, using no medicines, no GMO’s and no antibiotics.

The salmon, when are two years old, are transported to the nearest production facility. They are then shipped to the ports of Glasgow and London where they leave for their final destination, which they will reach approximately in two days. A tracking system monitors the distribution of all salmon to their final destination.

All aspects of production meet the high welfare standards of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the prevention of Cruelty to animals), the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practice), the Friend of the Sea and the Global Gap. 

Aloia S.r.l. proudly represents Wester Ross in Italy.

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