Stockfish (or bacalà, for the Italians who live in Veneto region)  is the dried Cod. Swimming from the North for thousands of kilometres, the Cod (Gadus morhua) arrives in the Lofoten Islands for the spawning between January and April. The so called miracle of nature consists in the fact that the Cod arrives to the Lofoten Islands in the perfect period for the drying process. The Cod is caught daily by little fishing boats along the coast, after being caught the Cod is headed, gutted and promptly hung on the wooden racks, that characterize Lofoten Islands landscape. So, then, it starts the drying process that takes some months, the climate changes strongly affect the quality in the final product. Too low or too high temperatures can cause significant quality problems.

In order to control the quality aspects, as well as the complicate market situations, we travel periodically in the fascinating world of the Lofoten Islands. The market situations, in fact, every year change due to the quantity available, prices of the raw material, percentage of the various sizes and of the selection. We work with some of the main producers to whom we are linked with old business relationships and friendship.

The product is classified as follows:

  • First quality:
  • Ragno 60/80
  • Westre magro 60/80
  • Gran premier
  • Bremese
  • Olandese
  • Westre Corrente
  • Westre Ancona
  • Westre magro 50/60
  • Westre piccolo
  • Westre magro 40/50
  • Lub
  • Second quality:
  • Italiano grande
  • Italiano medio
  • Italiano piccolo
  • Third quality:
  • Tipo B

Stockfish salad

A fresh recipe, rich of proteins, trough which you have the chance to get the real taste of Stockfish.

The traditional recipes absolutely to try are:
Recipe of Veneto region Bacalà (Stockfish) mantecato, Bacalà (Stoccafisso) alla vicentina
Recipe of Liguria region Stockfish genova style
Recipe of Campania region Stockfish Neapolitan style
Recipe of Sicily region Stockfish ghiotta style