The Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is a pelagic fish well know for its long migrations. It grows rapidly reaching, in the mature age (3-4 years old), a length of 35-40cm. It feeds on little fishes, krill and plankton.

Our Mackerel is caught in the North Atlantic Ocean with purse seines or trawls. It is frozen on land. We pay particular attention to the fat content present in the fish, since is one of the elements most appreciated in the Mackerel. The fat content depends on the catching grounds and on seasons. In spring, after the spawning, reaches the lowest percentage, while during the winter reaches the maximum level.

It is whole round block frozen of fix weight. The sizes are: 200/400g, 300/500g, 400/600g, 500g/UP and 600g/UP.

Grilled Mackerel

The Mackerel has a fatty and compact flesh, due to this is ideal cooking it on the grill. Trough the grill the Mackerel acquires that unique smell and taste.