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About us

5 generations
of absolute reliability

Since the early 1900s, the Aloia family has been in the international food trade. Today, Aloia represents the perfect union between the determination of the new generation and the solidity of tradition.

The Aloia group’s highly selected network of suppliers and customers faithfully reflects the values the team is inspired by on a daily basis: passion, precision in keeping commitments, and uncompromising quality.

Aloia operates in international markets with two companies: Aloia S.r.l. and Aloia International S.r.l.


Aloia’s goal is to anticipate the future by offering innovative products and services, always choosing high quality, without compromise.
Aloia aims to perfect its distribution network, growing with business partners by generating new value for all.


Through continuous refinement, become a benchmark in the food industry.
To be best in class in what we do.

Corporate values


Passion and optimism

Respect for people.
Interpersonal esteem is always put before business

Respect for the environment with sustainable products

Our history

Pasquale Aloia

The business history of the Aloia family is rooted in the ancient mercantile tradition of the Amalfitans. Valiant sailors and shipowners, the Amalfitans created a dense network of trade in the southern Mediterranean, particularly in Calabria.
Pasquale Aloia, born in 1855, passed on these trading traditions to his sons Vincenzo and Antonio, and in the early 1900s he started his own food business with them.

Antonio Aloia

Antonio Aloia quickly developed the family business with his brother Vincenzo and as early as 1920 imported grains from the United States of America to Naples.
In a few years the Aloia’s business grew further thanks to the construction in Calabria of a large warehouse for storing goods, among which was preserved fish imported from Northern Europe.
Technological progress in the first half of the twentieth century also came to the Aloia’s business activity as they built an advanced cylinder mill for grinding grain.
Also sensing the commercial strength of pasta, Antonio and his brother decided to build a pasta factory with some partners.

Domenico e Pasquale Aloia

In the immediate postwar period Domenico and Pasquale Aloia joined their father Antonio in the business.
In the late 1950s Domenico specialized in importing preserved fish products, establishing his company in the port of Naples.

Riccardo, Francesca e Giandomenico Aloia

In 1973, Riccardo Aloia, Domenico’s son, begins the business of representing foreign companies  for the Italian market, operating in the fish sector.
Today Francesca and Giandomenico, with their father Riccardo, proudly carry on the family business and entrepreneurial history.
Giandomenico Aloia, with his DNA as an Amalfi merchant and strengthened by the family’s entrepreneurial history, has decided to expand the business offerings, flanking the agency activity with the selection and distribution of the best food specialties from around the world.

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