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Aloia Foods offers two types of oysters (Crassostrea gigas and Ostrea edulis), both from Normandy (France) and Holland.

Normandy has been known since Roman times to be an ideal environment for oyster farming for several factors:
– located in a wide and open intertidal zone (i.e. area of the marine environment between low and high tide levels);
– high tidal ranges;
– strong currents;
– water quality.

The characteristic of the “Huître de Normandie” lies in the perfect combination of the skills of the Normandy oyster farmers and the natural environment, which allows the production of hard-shelled oysters with fleshy, sweet muscle.

Dutch oysters are wild and are still harvested by hand according to tradition, so that their organoleptic properties are preserved. The craftsmanship and the unique characteristics of the land make the texture of the shellfish unmistakable. The shell of the Dutch oyster has a vibrant colour and its flesh is succulent, savoury and slightly zesty.

Origin: France and Holland.

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