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Salted Gaspè Cod

Compared to other kinds of cod, Gaspé Cured™ cod is distinguished by the low salt content and the drying phase. The latter, in fact, takes place partly outside in the sun and is longer than that of usual dried salted cod.

Gaspé Cured cod follows an age-old process developed on the Gaspé Peninsula (Québec) in Canada. Each fish is hand-cut, lightly salted, dried and placed on racks in the sun on the coast. It is, then, transferred to the interior of warehouses where it continues the drying process that ends with further arrangement on racks in the sun. This processing of cod, which we can call unique, gives Gaspé Cured cod a special taste that allows it to stand out from other kinds of cod.

It can be processed from both Gadus morhua and Gadus macrocephalus cod.

The qualities are: Choice (first quality), Royal (second quality).
Sizes: Regular, Medium, Large and Extralarge.

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