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Kaori Oysters – the authentic taste of the Northern Seas

The Aloia family welcomes among its products: Kaori. The oyster with the gentle scent and the authentic taste of the Northern Seas.

Kaori oysters grow in the cold, unspoilt waters of the Northern Seas, where the great variety of seaweed ensures an ideal condition for shellfish life.

The history of oyster farming in the Northern Seas has ancient roots, dating back to the time of Napoleon. The Emperor himself, with the help of experts, identified the archipelago washed by the North Sea as an ideal place for the growth of oysters.

Kaori oysters are still harvested manually to preserve their organoleptic properties.

The region’s craftsmanship and the unique characteristics of the territory make unique the texture of the mollusc. The shell of the Kaori oyster has a vibrant colour, its flesh is succulent, savory and slightly zesty.

The Kaori oyster is available in different sizes 0-4.

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