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Norwegian frozen trout

Norwegian trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from Aloia Foods is processed from fresh raw material farmed in Norway.
Aloia Foods trout grows in the pristine natural environment of the Norwegian fjords, where melt waters from glaciers and snow mix with those of the Atlantic, creating a cold, clear and low-salt environment that is perfect for raising this delicious and nutritious fish.
Its delicate flesh is a source of well-being as it is rich in Omega 3.

Fillet size:
• 1800-2200g
• 1400-1800g
• 1000-1400g
• 700-1000g

Aloia Foods also offers the possibility of individually vacuum-packing the fillets in trays.

We have all types of trim (A – B – C – D – E) available.
Trims A and B are PBI, while trims C, D and E are PBO.

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