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Norwegian frozen salmon

Aloia International’s salmon (Salmo salar) is raised in the cold, pristine waters of the Norwegian fjords, where the geographical lay of the land ensures ideal living conditions for the salmon.
However, living in the perfect marine environment is not the only relevant aspect: the salmon are also carefully handled and analyzed by experienced Norwegian farmers before being processed.
Aloia International’s salmon is processed from fresh raw material so that the meat remains firm and tasty.

Fillet size:
• 1800-2200g
• 1400-1800g
• 1000-1400g
• 700-1000g

Aloia International also offers the option of vacuum packing the fillet individually, with tray.

We have all types of trims (A – B – C – D – E) available.
Trim A and B are PBI, while trim C, D and E are PBO.

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