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Parma ham PDO

Aloia Sapore d’Italia ham is born in Corniglio, in the hills of Parma, under the scrupulous supervision of Master Salter of Aloia, Mr. Stefano. It is a PDO-certified product and features the characteristic branding with two ducal crowns, a symbol of the product’s authenticity. What makes Aloia Sapore d’Italia Parma Ham unique is its long curing process, which gives it a delicate flavor. In fact, the 100% Italian meats that Aloia team carefully select are artfully processed only with salt, as per tradition. The weather and the gentle air of the Parma hills do the rest. The quality and characteristics of the product are deeply linked to the Parmesan territory, because it is in this area that the master salters have found the ideal climatic conditions for drying, that is, the natural curing that will give sweetness and flavor to Parma Ham. Completely free of preservatives and additives, with its low percentage of salt and fat and its high values of minerals and vitamins, Parma Ham proves to be suitable for both adults and children.

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